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Wedding favours and sweets for weddings

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Happy New Year everyone! We hope that like us, you had a wonderful and restful time over the holidays.

Traditionally around this time, we start receiving orders from brides planning their spring wedding. Wedding favours have developed from the days of sugared almonds – but do you know there was an actual symbolism behind these sweets? Originating in Italy, it was thought that the bitter sweet taste of the almonds reflected true life (albeit hardly romantic!) whilst the sugar coating was the bride and groom’s way of saying they hoped they’d experience more of the sweet side of life. Five almonds were always given to guests, representing Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Long Life.

Of course nowadays, the sky truly is the limit with regards to creativity. Chocolate hearts wrapped in pink, silver, red, gold or white foil are one of our most popular choices, but increasingly we’re receiving requests for more unusual, fun wedding favours including bottles of sweets such as giant Haribo hearts or those Love Hearts from our childhood. We even have some specially designed vintage style wedding favour boxes, each with its own beautiful message.

Some couples choose to replace one or two flower arrangements with sweetie designs. Candy trees for example make magnificent table displays and can incorporate anything from lollipops to Ferrero Roche, whilst large bowls of jelly babies or Smarties are deliciously tempting as well as being colourful.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you create some eye catching and memorable decorative confectionery pieces for your wedding, just pick up the phone, call in or email us – and prepare to be inspired!

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