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Top 5 ideal sweets for travelling

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With weeks of summer holidays ahead for little ones, it’s time for us parents to turn our attention to how we can keep the little darlings happy on flights, train journeys and in the car.  For those unfortunates who are forced to spend hours listening to complaints of feeling sick or are faced with tears about having painful, popping ears, we have a solution!

Car sickness and painful ears on flights can make a holiday really miserable for kids and parents alike.  Those older and wiser than us used to say that sucking a boiled sweet helps in both instances.  And you know what?  We think they were right!  So we’ve put together a list of top 5 sweets for travel sickness.  You can thank us later…..

  1. Ashby Treats’ Kids Holiday Packs  from £1.50


Our new range of kids’ holiday packs is guaranteed to keep them happy for hours, whilst you relax and unwind.  Containing colouring and puzzle books, crayons and pencils and a delicious sweet treat, enjoy the silence whilst you can…..

  1. Barley sugar £1.10 per 100g


A favourite for generations, the sweet taste of barley sugar is so comforting.  The sucking action, on take-off and landing, can also help to protect delicate ears.

  1. Lions wine gums £1.25 per 100g


After rigorous testing, we can confirm that these sweets were the longest lasting of all – and the struggle of trying not to chew them took our kids’ minds off being sick for at least half an hour!

  1. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls £1.25


Fresh, minty breath is always great for combatting a queasy tummy.  Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made to a secret recipe passed down through generations since 1898. They are still made in the same traditional way by this family business in Wigan, which is now owned by the great nephews of the original gentleman who created these delicious warming mints.

  1. Joseph Dobson Apple & Blackberry Mega Lolly 25p



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