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Keeping Halloween Trick or Treaters Sweet …

It’s the end of October, the nights are drawing in and this week the team are getting ready for Halloween with fun and games for everyone. If you have youngsters tapping at the door trick or treating the Sweetie Team have lots of ideas to keep them sweet! If you love Halloween then there is no doubt that outside your door or flickering in your porch will be a large orange pumpkin. Whether it’s a spooky face or something far more elaborate than the Sweetie Team manage it will be ready to for a large lit candle to ensure it glows for at least a couple of hours, ready and waiting to hear the footsteps of kiddies ready to tap on the door for a trick or treat. The Team have lots of ideas to keep everyone sweet this Halloween. Our Halloween Goodie Bags are always popular with a great mix of Chocolate, Jellies and balloons, great for family parties and bonfires. However if you are looking for something altogether more spooky and spectacular then we think you will be impressed with our new treat …. The Sweetie Teams very own Trick or Treat Box is for those that are serious about Halloween, filled with Jelly Bones, White Mice, Pumpkins, Toads, along with Giant Jelly Snake and Giant Green Fizzy Frogs there is even a Creepy Crawly Toy or two and Balloon, sealed with a lid that has attracted a spider and web too.  Perfect for parties or as a 31st October Birthday Gift.  To keep your trick or teaters sweet, click on the links here to find out more about our Goodie Bags & Trick or Treat Boxes; or Have a great weekend from the Chief Sweet Taster and her Team here in Ashby de la...

Sweets for pop pickers!

For many of us over the age of 35, Sunday evenings inevitably meant taping the Top 40 countdown off the radio.  None of us would ever question the skill that was required in pressing Record & Play together when a song began, with our fingers ready to slam down the Pause button, just as the DJ strategically interrupted at the end.  These were the days of careful editing, with cassette tapes whirring back and forth in our endeavour to create the perfect mix tape. For those of us who weren’t too hot in communicating, romantic messages were relayed on romantic mix tapes  c/o Jennifer Rush, Phil Collins et al. whilst Donna Summer, The Bee Gees and Liquid Gold really got the party going! Sadly, it seems those days are long gone.  Not only have cassettes been replaced by CDs and then downloads, but we’ve now also been informed that the countdown is to be moved to a Friday evening.  This, say experts is to help “re-ignite excitement and reduce piracy”.  Reduce piracy?  Taping the countdown was a national pastime throughout the seventies and eighties for goodness’ sake! But we here at Ashby Treats aren’t giving up so easily.  We have such happy memories of those days that we decided to memorialise them indefinitely.  Unfortunately, none of us still have our mix tapes and cassette recorders (let’s face it, most tapes ended up wrapped around pencils in an attempt to reel them back in!) Still, this fantastic selection of vintage cassette sweetie tins are guaranteed to bring a fond smile to your face – particularly as we can pack them chock full of delicious goodies! There are five tins available in the range: –          The mix tape –          The favourite mix v3 –          The love mix –          The party mix –          The cassette recorder At only £3.50 for a mix tin and £8.50 for the cassette recorder tin, why not treat yourself to the whole lot and create a display that is guaranteed to be a talking point!


SATURDAYS ARE MADE FOR SWEETS … well they are at Sweet Memory Lane and today not only do we have samples we have our delicious Ice Cream at just £1.00 too … why not pop in to see.