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Buy Bon Bon’s liquorice online

Didn’t you just love liquorice as a child?  That tangy black treat, slightly stretchy, and with that lovely aftertaste….mmmm. Well, now you can buy Bon Bon’s liquorice online from Sweet Memory Lane, an old-fashioned sweet shop with a twist.  Based in Ashby de la Zouche in Leicestershire, Sweet Memory Lane sends sweets to internet shoppers all around the country from their website at Available in multiple flavours, shapes and colours, Bon Bon’s liquorice, also described on their website as gourmet liquorice, is a very popular line.  You can buy sticks of licorice in blueberry, cola, watermelon, and several other flavours, straight from the Abruzzo region of Italy.  Or, forsomething a bit different, try chocolate licorice: licorice filled with a delicious chocolate filling.  Ideal when you can’t decide whether you want licorice or chocolate!    And Sweet Memory Lane also stocks licorice bootlaces and licorice coins, for a retro treat.  They taste just like licorice should!   If you fancy something a bit different, try licorice dynamite.  It’s sweet on the outside and slightly salty in the middle, resulting in an explosion of taste in your mouth.  Truly fabulous! For more information, browse the website, fill in the contact form on the website, or call 01530...

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