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Shop for Sweet Treats Online

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Do you have a sweet tooth and crave the old fashioned sweets that we all used to enjoy as children? Favourites such as gob stoppers, barley sugar, sour fruits, candy bananas and shrimps or pear drops? Well if just remembering the taste of those yummy delights is enough to make your mouth water then you need to visit the website of traditional sweet shop Sweet Memory Lane of Ashby De La Zouch where you will find an amazing range of sweet treats like these old favourites for you to shop and buy online at:

Sweet Memory Lane is a purveyor of the very finest sweets and chocolates from their traditional sweet shop set in the delightful middle England small market town of Ashby De La Zouch. Due to the success of their sweet shop and the current resurgence in all things retro including the old fashioned sweets, they have recently launched a website which also offers their range of sweet treats for you to buy online from the comfort of your armchair.

When you visit the website of Sweet Memory Lane you cannot fail to be amazed by their vast selection of sweets that they offer and recalling the tats of some of the old goodies will no doubt also bring a nostalgic smile to your face.

So do not delay place your order with and you could soon be drifting off to sweet heaven on a delicious strawberry bonbon or liquorice allsort!


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