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How to make the perfect hot chocolate

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How to make the perfect hot chocolate


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 We might be having a mild (if stormy) winter, but there are few things as satisfying and relaxing at Christmas than a proper hot chocolate.  Forget the ready mix powder you can buy in the shops – once you’ve made our recipe, you’ll never settle for anything less again!

First, put full fat milk into a saucepan with 50g of intense dark chocolate and gently heat but be careful not to reach boiling point.  Stir the liquid until all the chocolate has melted and it’s at a comfortable drinking temperature.  Pour into a warmed mug and add a dash of Taylerson’s Gingerbread or Caramel Flavoured Syrup for a luxurious taste. For those of you who have a real sweet tooth, roughly dice some BARU dark chocolate marshmallow and sprinkle on top.    Finally, pop in an Aine Hot Chocolate Swirl Stick and stir the syrup into the milky hot chocolate drink.

Simply add a fire, the TV and a comfy sofa, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy the taste explosion that our perfect hot chocolate recipe provides.

If you’re looking for ideas for last minute Christmas presents, why not provide all the ingredients in a little pack, along with one of our beautiful Emma Bridgewater Christmas mugs?  Designs include a Christmas town, Christmas stamps and robins.  If you’re short on time though, you’ll find our Mr Stanleys Seasonal Hamper absolutely ideal.  It’s literally choc full of mulling syrup, chocolate stirrers, candy canes, dark toffee candy, dark chocolate nougat, dark chocolate peppermint cremes and pure cocoa dusted almonds – definitely one for the adults!

The Ashby Treats team is hard at work, preparing orders right now, to arrive in time for the big day.  Make sure that your Christmas cupboard is well stocked with our delicious goodies, and look forward to a well-deserved rest and some scrummy evenings by the fire.

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