November 2015 - AshbyTreats

Retro sweets advent calendar in the press again!

Well, it seems our famous retro sweets advent calendar is in the press again! You may remember last year, when we were actually forced to close our doors for a while, after our advent calendar appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” and we were subsequently flooded with orders! Once again it seems, everyone loves the idea of the calendar and journalists are extremely keen to feature it in their “top 10 lists”.  In the last couple of weeks, it has appeared online in both MailOnline and Huffington Post resulting in – you guessed it, a flood of orders. This year though, we’ve anticipated demand and so our dedicated team is happily bagging up hundreds of bags of sweets, to see you through every day from 1 December, right through to Christmas. Each pretty, spotted and numbered bag is filled with a selection of chocolate, bonbons, festive jellies and other delicious sweets for you to treat yourself each day throughout December.  Rest assured, if you want to buy the advent calendar for yourself, rather than give it to a child, you’re in good company! With only two weeks to go, we’re flat out fulfilling orders, to ensure all our customers receive their calendar, ready for 1 December.  To ensure that you get yours in time, order one now for only £22.50.  ...

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