September 2015 - AshbyTreats

Sweets for vegetarians

Sweets for vegetarians might be considered a niche market, but the team at Ashby Treats is determined that everyone should enjoy our delicious ranges of confectionery! For vegetarians, many such treats are out of bounds.  Jellies and chews in particular include gelatin, which is derived from animals. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole section on our website shop to sweets for vegetarians.  From children’s chocolate to toffee; sherbet and lollies to fudge, there’s something for all ages and sweet teeth.  We promise the same great taste, same bright colours and many of the brand names we all know and love such as Haribo and Swizzels Matlow. Take a look at our selection of vegetarian sweets below and get those taste buds racing!  For the full range, visit the relevant section on our website. – Sherbet for vegetarians – Fudge & toffee for vegetarians – Lollipops for vegetarians – Chocolate for vegetarians – Jelly sweets for vegetarians  ...

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