April 2015 - AshbyTreats

Looking for a special Easter Egg?

I don’t know about you but when I look at the hundreds of Easter Eggs stacked on supermarket shelves, the occasion seems to lose its sparkle, somewhat.  The “buy 3 for a fiver” low quality chocolate eggs hardly gives the message that you think a child is special!  In fact, many mums have told me that their kids eat the sweets inside and discard the egg entirely.  It certainly doesn’t have the magic that I remember as a youngster! For Easter 2015, , we’re offering something very different to those mass-produced eggs.  Our beautifully-printed vintage tins can be packed chock-full of delicious mini eggs and of course can then be used all year round, meaning that you’re getting much more value for money and offering something that little bit special, too. Choose from our Belle & Boo Easter Tins or our Vintage Easter Egg Tins.  Priced from £2.50 they won’t break the bank and make a gorgeous display in the kitchen or on a dressing table. We even stock Easter Eggs for adults that are a little different from the usual big-name brand chocolates.  How about a crispy toffee caramel egg, a salted peanut caramel egg or a passion fruit caramel egg?  Perfect for snacking on when watching Bank Holiday TV! If you’re thinking of taking the family to the cinema over the holidays, we can help to save you money there too.  As we all know, sweets can cost a fortune at the cinema, so we’ve come up with a “pick & mix and cinema gift card” package which is proving very popular. Everything is of course available online, but if you’re in the area, why not pop into our Sweet Memory Lane sweet shop in Ashby de la Zouch to see our whole range of...

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