October 2014 - AshbyTreats

Time for coffee and a book!

There’s nothing quite like snuggling under a blanket with a warming cup of coffee, a tasty biscuit and a gripping novel as the nights draw in and the leaves start to fall off the trees. Did dancing goats really inspire coffee? Coffee is the second most traded commodity across the world, but we were curious who first decided to harvest these wonderful berries. Legend has it that the effects of caffeine were first observed by Ethiopian shepherds who saw enhanced vitality in their goats after consuming coffee berries. Keen to experience this for themselves, they took them to some local monks who began experimenting with the berries. African tribes also mixed coffee berries with fat in order to make edible balls of energy. Types of coffee Globally, we consume over 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day! That demand has led to the creation of a wide range styles and flavours of coffee. There are two core varieties that create the most popular coffee – Arabica and Robusta. Coffee makers, such as Taylor’s of Harrogate, have spent generations developing the blends we enjoy today. We’ve chosen some of our favourites to stock for you: Rich Italian – dark and velvety, Decaffe – rich, smooth and decaffeinated, Ethiopian Mocha Limu – full-bodied and fruity and Brazil Rio Valleys – perfectly balanced. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this position how about trying some coffee from the experts at Taylor’s of Harrogate. Their selection of coffees will almost certainly provide something to your taste. Here at Sweet Memory Lane we can supply you with Rich Italian – dark and velvety, Decaffe – rich and smooth, Ethiopian Mocha Limu – full-bodied and fruity and Brazil Rio Valleys – perfectly balanced. Add a bit of crunch and sweetness to your coffee break A cup of coffee just isn’t the same without a good biscuit to nibble on. The Simply Cornish range of shortbread and fairings come from the county’s oldest bakery and use original recipes that would have been familiar to the miners, farmers and fishermen of days gone by. The Sweetie Team are all very keen on these biscuits with the Rich Fruit Crumble and Clotted Cream Shortbread coming out on top in the on-going taste tests! Keep your biscuits fresh Should you have any leftover biscuits, what could be more stylish than an Emma Bridgewater tin a stylish choice for storing keeping them fresh until the next coffee break. In today’s new window display at Sweet Memory Lane we have the lovely Spotty range. With its cream background and bold, coloured spots it will look fantastic in any kitchen or office. We can even find you a matching caddy for keeping your coffee in too! So, with your coffee and biscuits sorted you now only need to find that book. Whether your favourite is a good piece of chick-lit or a more involved auto-biography, settle down with your choice of book and enjoy that moment of peace and...

The Great British Bake Off final is here!

The Great British Bake Off final is here!

Tonight we finally get to see whether it’s Richard, Nancy or Luis that will be crowned this year’s winner. And if, like me, you have your own favourite you will be watching carefully to see if they come through on top. We’ve seen some amazing bakes in the Bake Off tent this season – from imaginative 3D biscuit scenes to daring cocktail doughnuts and everything in between. These bakers have whet our appetites but have they inspired us in the kitchen? Baking at home can be easy Has the popularity of The Great British Bake Off  inspired you to get the flour and sugar out and create? If you’re not a regular cook, baking can seem daunting! Here at Sweet Memory Lane, we have some fabulous baking jars that can help you with that. Our baking jars are packed full of all the lovely, dry goodies to make cookies, brownies or blondies and all you need to add to them are the wet ingredients – melted butter, eggs or milk. Our rigorous testing process (it would be rude not to!) has shown they work perfectly time and time again. Give one a try and impress your friends and family with your baking prowess. Today’s new window display at Sweet Memory Lane is all about baking and our baking jars have taken pride of place along with all the usual baking paraphernalia! Heart-warming autumn colours Adding some fantastic autumn colour to the window, are a selection of our new Caroline Gardner cake tins, new in for this season. The wonderful stylised hearts in their muted colours make them a perfect addition to any tea table and would be just the right place to store any of those leftover brownies (if you have any!). So, whether your money is on Richard, Nancy or Luis I hope you enjoy tonight’s show and maybe even get out the cake tin at the weekend and have a go...