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  • Extra Thick Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

    Extra Thick Delicious Easter Egg with Goodies

    Extra Thick Milk Chocolate Half Egg with Chocolate Goodies
  • Jelly Buttons

    Jelly Buttons

    100g Jelly Buttons: These pink and blue delights feature jelly and liquorice all covered with sparkles. Some folks call them spogs and you may remember them being in bags of Liquorice Allsorts. Now you can enjoy them all on their own. 
  • BARU Chocolate Marshmallow Fleur De Sel Caramel

    BARU Chocolate Marshmallow Fleur De Sel Caramel

    BARU dark chocolate marshmallows made even more delicious with a topping of burnt sugar caramel & a dash of Fleur de Sel sea salt. We dare you to have just one…
  • BARU Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

    BARU Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

    BARU marshmallows wrapped in Belgian dark chocolate. They’re a bit sassy but so scrumptious we really don’t mind.
  • BARU Milk Chocolate Marshmallow

    BARU Milk Chocolate Marshmallow

    Baru Milk Chocolate coated around a sumptious Marshmallow
  • Bon Bons Chocolate Liquorice

    Bon Bons Chocolate Liquorice

    Soft sweet liquorice filled with a delicious chocolate filling
  • Buchanans Chocolate Peppermint Creams

    Buchanans Chocolate Peppermint Creams

    100g Buchanans Chocolate Peppermint Creams: What could be nicer after dinner than biting into a chocolate mint? Wrapped in pretty green wrappers, these little joys will please the most discerning palate. 
  • Chocolate & Magazine

    Chocolate & Magazine

    Ideal for a get well or thinking of you gift, a Chocolate Cone full of everyone’s chocolate favourites; Malt Balls, white & milk Chocolate Raisins and white & milk Chocolate Buttons together with a Magazine
  • Chocolate Brownie Jar

    Chocolate Brownie Jar

    Delicious Chocolate Brownies from a jar all you do is add eggs & butter for home baked brownies
  • Chocolate Coins

    Chocolate Coins

    10 x Large foiled wrapped milk chocolate coins great for all budding bankers
  • Chocolate Fruits

    Chocolate Fruits

    100g Chocolate Fruits: Combine the swirl of chocolate with a taste of fruit in these boiled sweets. Can you identify each fruit flavour from the taste or just by colour? Each one is wrapped to keep in all that flavour. 
  • Chocolate Heaven Jar

    Chocolate Heaven Jar

    1 litre jar full of chocolate - heaven from snowies to buttons delicious

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