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    • "Let It Snow" Goody Bag

      Let It Snow Goody Bag

      "Let It Snow" Goody Bag including Gummy Snowmen, White Chocolate Snowies, Chocolate Coins and a Large Candy Cane

      Santa's Helpers Goody Bag

      "Santa's Helpers" Goody Bag including Gummy Reindeer, Chocolate Raisins, Chocolate Coins and a Large Candy Cane
    • 0.5 Litre Fill Your Own Jar

      0.5L Fill Your Own Jar

      This is your chance to fill one of our lovely clip top jars with the sweets of your choice ... choose up to 3 from our bags of sweets listed and we will do the rest ...
    • Acid Drops

      Acid Drops

      100 g of Acid Drops: Zing through the day with these refreshing Acid Drops – the boiled sweets that are all traditional, all pre-wrapped and all tasting of delicious lemon zest.
    • Almond Nougat

      Almond Nougat

      100g of  Almond Nougat Cubes: Soft, chewy and utterly delicious. These bite size cubes of nougat will fill your mouth with flavour. 
    • Alphabet Letters

      Alphabet Letters

      100g of Alphabet Candies: Full on fruity and tasty candy sweets in letter shaped treats. Make up words, spell out your name then  - eat your words.  What could be more fun?
    • American Gobstoppers

      American Gobstoppers

      American Gob Stoppers: A larger than average Gobstopper, garanteed to keep you quite for a while !
    • American Hard Gums

      American Hard Gums

      100g of American Hard Gums: These are traditional hard fruit jellies generously dusted with sugar - a real winning combination that will keep you sucking all day long.
    • Amore Candy Buffet

      Amore Candy Buffet

      Amore Candy Buffet uses beautiful voluminous jars to display your choice of sweets for your special occasion, this buffet is all about elegance ... contact us for more details
    • Aniseed Balls

      Aniseed Balls

      100g Aniseed Balls: Is your mouth watering yet? These glistening balls explode with aniseed flavour - tickling your taste buds and if your tongue turns a bit red, so much the better.
    • Aniseed Twists

      Aniseed Twists

      100g Aniseed Twists: Aniseed with a twist - a candy treat full of flavour all twisted into shape. These hard boiled sweets will fill your senses with aniseed. Not to be beaten for taste. 
    • Apple Bonbons

      Apple Bonbons

      100 g Apple Bonbons: Chewy spheres of tangy apple flavoured sweets. You can't count this as one of your five-a-day fruit and vegetable though. Still a tasty addition to your diet though.
    • Barley Sugar - Wrapped

      Barley Sugar - Wrapped

      100g Barley Sugars: The traditional boiled sweet that everyone loves. Glistening amber, these boiled sweets and pre-wrapped and ready to eat. Just bring an appetite. 
    • Barnetts Mega Sour Apple Balls

      Barnetts Mega Sour Apple Balls

      100g Sour Apple Balls: Give your mouth a treat with these refreshing sour apple boiled sweets. Sweet and sour - a winning combination if ever I met one. Be warned though, when it says mega sour, it means mega sour.
    • Barnetts Mega Sour Cherry Balls

      Barnetts M Sour C Balls

      100g Barnetts Cherry Balls: These have a deliciously sour kick over a cherry flavour. Ideal for kicking back in the afternoon. Think of them as little cherry bombs ready to explode in your mouth.
    • Barnetts Mega Sour Lemons

      Barnetts Mega Sour Lemon Balls

      sour100g Barnetts Mega Sour Lemons: Ziny,  zesty, and enough to challenge the best of taste buds. Traditional sour lemons should come with a government warning. Irresistible! Dare your chums!
    • Barratt Bumper Bananas

      Barratt Bumper Bananas

      100g Barratt's Bumper Bananas: They may look like bananas (sort of), they may taste of banana (definitely), but these foamy chewy sweets are not bananas - they just pretend to be - and boy are they tasty. 
    • Barratt Candy Sticks

      Barratt Candy Sticks

      2 packs of Barratt Candy Sticks - do you remember these ?
    • Barratt Dip Dab

      Barratt Dip Dab

      2 x Lemon flavoured Sherbet dip with a Strawberry flavour lolly - the original
    • Barratt Frosties Rolls

      Barratt Cola Frosties Rolls

      1 roll of Barratt Frosties Rolls, Kola flavoured boiled sweet with a chewy centre
    • Barratt Milk Gums

      Barratt Milk Gums

      100g Barratt Milk Gums: Little bundle of milky joy in a sweet. These are delightfully chewy and just bursting with flavour.  
    • Barratt Milk Teeth

      Barratt Milk Teeth

      100g of vanilla and strawberry flavoured teeth shaped gums
    • Barratt Nougat

      Barratt Nougat

      Barratt Chewy Pink & White Nougat and all natural flavours
    • Barratt Pink Shrimps

      Barratt Pink Shrimps

      100g Barratt Pink Foam Shrimps: Don't worry, no fish flavoured sweets here. Instead you get a bag full of strawberry - just shrimp shaped, chewy foam sweets to add some fun AND taste to your day. 

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    Buy Retro Sweets Online from a Traditional UK Sweet Shop

    Buying sweets and treats online has never been easier. Our traditional UK sweet shop offers over 600 traditional and retro sweets. We also stock a wide range of chocolate, fudge, gift boxes and our famous home baking jars. We are very passionate about the products we offer and the service that we provide.

    We are a family run business located in a lovely market town called Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire near Leicester. As well as selling sweets online we have a shop which is filled with many exciting and delicious sweets including all your favourite classics, specialist sweets and the perfect sweets for a wide range of occasions and events.

    So whether you are just looking to buy some of your favourite retro sweets or wish to buy one of our hampers, boxes, jars, gift bags or wedding favours, you will find the perfect selection of sweets available to buy online!